Monodrop knows that branding is a very important concept in today’s highly competitive business world. A lot of dropshippers struggle with the packages delivered without any brand information which in turn harms the reliability of the store. Knowing that, we offer ‘Custom Packaging’ service to our drop shipping partners. When fulfilling orders, we will be able to ship your orders with your store name and your customers will know where they get the package from. For custom packaging, we provide two different services. You can either get both of the options below or get them separately.



Shipping bag is the plastic envelope in which we ship the orders. Instead of shipping your orders with plain bags, you can get your own custom package with your store name. For the custom shipping bag, we offer two designs, each having 2 versions. You can choose your design and send us your logo so that we can create your own shipping bag with your store name. Send us your logo and we’ll create your customs package.


2- FLYER (Thank you note etc.)

Custom flyer includes ‘Thank You’ cards, return forms that are put into the package. With your custom flyer, you will be able to communicate your brand message to your customers and make them feel appreciated. For this service, we provide three options.


A) Your Version

In this version, you will send us your flyer design and content and we will print it out for you to include it in every order you get. Please follow below specifications for your design.

Design Specs:

*138x100mm for horizontal or 100x138 for vertical design

*Acceptable formats: .jpeg, Illustrator AI, PSD or PDF

PRICE: $100



B) Default Version

In this version, we created a sample for you and all you need to do is to send us your logo, website and social media. We will take care of the rest.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please send your logo in .png or Illustrator AI format.

SIZE: 9,5X13,3 mm

PRICE: $100

C)Design Support

In this version, we do all the hard work and create your flyer for you. All you need to do is to send us your logo, website, social media and your message. We also offer 2 revisions for the design so that you can make some changes. Please send below information and we will start designing your flyer.

*Your logo (The logo should be in .png or Illustrator AI format)

*Your website

*Your brand’s social media

*Text (Your message to your customers)

SIZE: 9,5X13,3 mm

PRICE: $150