Monodrop is a drop shipping supplier offering street fashion products to ‘drop shippers’ all over the world. Do not worry! We’ve got you covered. 


Monodrop Dropshipping Program is for sellers worldwide who have their own brands and selling channels yet do not want to waste time with inventory and shipping. With this program, all you need to do is to market your own business and get orders from your customers. After that, Monodrop takes care of the rest. We stock your inventory and ship your orders directly to your customers.



STEP 1: MEMBERSHIP: To start with the drop shipping program and view our entire collection, you need to be a member to our website. You only can view the entire collection as a member. With the email you provide, we will create your account on our website and send an activation email ( When you receive the email, you can create your password. Then, you are ready to go.

STEP 2: GET PRODUCT INFORMATION: Check out our exclusive collection on our website. Choose your favorite ones and download the HQ pictures and full item descriptions or if you have a Shopify store, that’s even better, because we use an app that synchronizes our inventory with your Shopify store. If you do not have a Shopify store, don’t worry! You can still integrate our products with a CSV file, which we provide for you.

STEP 3: PLACE THE ORDER: After you get your orders from your customers, go to our website ( While placing your orders, put your customer’s information (address, phone number etc.) for shipping.

 STEP 4: WE SHIP THE PACKAGE: Congratulations. You created your order for your customer. Now, we ship your package directly to your customer the next working day. You’ll receive an international tracking number after your order is shipped. Relax and enjoy.


COLLECTION: You can view our collection with below link. We update our stock on a regular basis and will increase the number of models in time.


PRICES:The prices on our website ( are wholesale prices. You can place orders whenever you get a sale from a customer.


SHIPPING: Shipping is one of the most important parts of e-commerce, especially drop shipping. Knowing that, we try our best to serve our drop shipping partners and ship packages with EXPRESS delivery. For shipping, we work with UPS and DHL. Estimated delivery times are presented below.

EUROPE: 1-3 working days

GERMANY: 2-3 working days

NORTH AMERICA: 1-3 working days

GULF REGION: 3-5 working days

REST OF THE WORLD: 1-5 working days


Tracking number: The tracking information will be sent to the e-mail address provided, as soon as the package is shipped. You can either enter your own e-mail address and send the tracking number to your customer yourself or use your customer’s e-mail when placing the order so that we send the tracking number directly to your customer. Please note that when we send the e-mail, we don’t use any of our brand information.


SHOPIFY SYNCHRONIZATION: If you have a Shopify website, we can help you with integrating our inventory to your website. We use an app that synchronizes our inventory with yours so that you won’t need to worry about changes in our stock and the constant need to check them.


RETURN & REFUND POLICY: When we ship your orders, UPS/DHL also creates a return label for each order and we provide them to you upon request. After that, it is very easy. Your customers print out the return label sent by the shipping company and stick it on the package that they are returning. We receive the package from UPS/DHL. And this is all FREE of charge.


REFUND POLICY: If your customer requests a refund, no problem, we have a refund guarantee. As soon as we receive the return package, we make the refund within 3-5 days to you. Then you can refund the amount to your customer. Please note that the refund only covers the amount paid for the actual product(s) but not the shipping fee.

PRODUCT EXCHANGE: With the return label, your customers can return a product that doesn’t fit or is damaged and exchange it with another size or another product with the same price. For product exchange, we take care of the shipping fee when sending the new item to your customer. 

BRANDING: We will not use our brand logo or any related information when packaging. But if you like, we can use your own logo, sticker or flyer (Extra fees may be applied). Please contact us for more information.

INVENTORY: We sell limited editions of our products and you will be notified for any inventory changes on a regular basis. We also send WhatsApp messages every time there is an inventory update.

SHIPPING PRICE: Shipping prices vary depending on item weight anddelivery country. Please see below tables for detailed price ranges.



If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us. We are here to help.